Our HR Consulting and Management Firm partners with Leading Businesses to address your human resources, and business needs. Our Professionals can provide virtual or onsite support quickly. We believe in creating and producing modernized results to you. 

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For the Large, Medium, and Small Business - We utilize three distinct assessments designed to help your business attract, manage, and retain top talent.

We also offer RESUME writing services to individual clients. We provide resume writing, cover letters, career coaching, interview coaching, salary negotiation techniques, career branding strategies, social media for job search consulting, and lots more .

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"Marcell is an expert in all things HR! I strongly recommend chatting with him. "

Alicia Adams

Employment Assessments

Our Assessments are used to help employers identify candidates that will be a good fit for employment at their company. Many companies use pre-employment testing to assess whether the personality, work style, knowledge, or skills of candidates fit the job at hand or company culture.

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Benefit for both large and small businesses


Higher productivity


Increased employee retention


Reduction in costs associated with turnover


More efficient 


Less time-consuming hiring process


Increased defensibility of the hiring process


Assessments are more objective than you are 


They are Flexible 


Help build company culture 

"I have a shipping store in Manhattan, NY and Marcell Ausborn was able to not only point out actionable steps I can take in the hiring & training aspect of my staff, but intuitively understood some of the intangible challenges I would want to address for a smoother operation of my business. It's rare these days to find people who can read between the lines and provide sound, experienced advice, and Marcell Ausborn is that rare person. Thank you!"

Johnny Kang

Resume Writing

Every Resume Tells A Story: We Make Sure Yours is Worth Reading!

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Career Services

Find out what it's really like to work within an industry, company, or profession, and how to position yourself to start, advance, or change your career. .

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Free Consulation

Whether you are just starting your career, thinking about a job or career change, looking to up your game in your current job, or exploring “encore” career opportunities in your retirement, Solutions in HR provides coaching and consulting services to help you every step along the way.

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We are expert at helping you take a thorough look at your talents, skills, values, interests and dreams so that we can help you discover new ideas and opportunities..

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